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Alabama state law states that you can actually choose not to have an auto insurance policy.

You do not have to have the minimum liability spilt limits of insurance such as 25-50-25 for all persons injured.

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Deciding NOT to have a policy  is expensive though, because you must purchase a motor vehicle liability bond in the amount of $50,000.

The other way to avoid owning a policy is to deposit $50,000 with the Alabama State Treasurers office.  Even if you have plenty of money or net worth to protect yourself if you are in an motor vehicle accident, the state of Alabama wants to be assured that you are going to be able pay for the damage that you may have inflicted on another person or property with your vehicle.

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How does adding drivers to my Auto policy affect my rates?

The more people you allow to drive your vehicle on a regular basis, the greater the chances of your vehicle being in an accident. Teenagers are especially expensive to insure because they are the least experienced drivers.
A driver’s-ed course can help ease the burden of insurance costs since it teaches your teenager defensive driving techniques. If your child’s high school does not offer driver’s-ed, try to find one offered by another school or a private firm in the area. After all, the cost of driver’s-ed could be cheaper than the extra cost of your insurance. Many insurers offer “good student” discounts as well.
An adult’s driving experience can also affect your rates significantly. Don’t assume that every adult you know has been driving since age 16 or 17 or is a competent driver with a clean driving or insurance record. Again, taking a defensive driving course is a good way for adults to prove they are also responsible drivers, thus lowering their risk and their insurance premium rates.

What happens if I have an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver?

First, call the police to the scene to be sure all pertinent information is properly recorded. Your nerves will be shaken right after an accident, and it helps to have a calm and knowledgeable person walking you through the necessary details.
Then, contact your agent or policy holder services or claims number usually on you ID Card immediately and ask about filing a claim. If you followed all the recommended guidelines and procedures when you bought your policy, you should be covered within the benefits and or limitations of that policy. Remember, your car insurance policy is designed to protect you and anyone in your vehicle.
If the cost of your physical damages or personal injuries exceed the amount your policy will pay for, it may be time to take legal action against the other party. Even if you have no-fault insurance, sometimes the only way to be compensated is to place blame and responsibility where it belongs. That is why it is best to get a police report documenting the incident and any witnesses statement while it is fresh in their minds. This will preserve that moment in time and remove any room for doubt later in the legal process.
It is better to have the police report and not really need it , than it is to need one for court and not have one because it would have taken another thirty minutes to an hour extra at the incident scene.


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