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North Carolina Motor Vehicle Law requires that Automobile Liability coverage be continuously maintained. The minimum coverage requirements are $30,000 Bodily Injury for each person, $60,000 total Bodily Injury for all persons in an accident and $25,000 for Property Damage. NC Motor Vehicle Law also requires Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage. Auto insurance policies with the minimum Bodily Injury and Property Damage limits are required to include Uninsured Motorists coverage. Policies with limits greater than the minimum must provide combined Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists coverage.

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NC Automobile insurance is used to protect you against expenses you may not otherwise be able to afford if you are involved in an automobile accident. The automobile policy is a combination of four individual types of coverages.
Review your policy or contact your agent to identify the limitations and exclusions for the following coverages.

(Required by N.C. law). Your Liability coverage will pay for bodily injury and property damage for which
any covered individual becomes legally responsible. The Personal Automobile Policy will cover you or
any family member while using any automobile or trailer, and any person using your covered automobile
with permission. The policy will pay up to the limits listed in your policy.

This coverage is for direct and accidental loss to your covered automobile, or any non-owned
automobile that meets the following definition: any private passenger automobile or trailer not owned
by or furnished or available for the regular use of you or any family member while in the custody of
or being operated by you or any family member; any auto or trailer you do not own while being used
as a temporary substitute for your covered auto because of its breakdown, repair, servicing, loss or

This coverage pays for reasonable and necessary medical and funeral expenses due to an automobile
accident. Individuals covered under this coverage include:
• You or any family member while occupying any automobile, or as a pedestrian when struck by a motor
vehicle; or
• Any other person while occupying your covered automobile or any vehicle (private passenger
automobile or trailer licensed for road use) driven by you or a family member.
• The policy will pay up to the limits listed in your policy for each individual injured.
• The Medical Payments coverage will not provide coverage for any expenses if the injuries occur while
occupying a motorized vehicle with less than four wheels.

Uninsured Motorists (UM) Coverage will provide protection when an uninsured driver, who is at-fault,
injures you or another covered individual. It also provides property damage coverage.
Underinsured Motorists (UIM) Coverage will provide protection when an underinsured driver, who is at fault, causes injury to a covered individual. An underinsured driver is one whose limits of liability are less
than your UIM limits, and not enough to cover the losses of the people the underinsured driver injures in
an at-fault accident.