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Locate auto insurance offices for navigating the insurance road ahead.
Locate Ohio auto insurance offices for navigating the insurance road ahead.

Ohio officials are taking notice of a trend for the state’s motorists: the average driver is paying more each year for auto insurance than the year before it.

Figures released recently from the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) shows that the average rate among the state’s top 10 car insurers—which together account for 78 percent of the market—jumped 4.9 percent between 2017 and 2018.

The 4.1 percent hike continues annual increases going back to 2008, meaning prices for most of the state’s auto insurance market have been rising every year for the past five years. Use our Ohio Auto Insurance Offices to compare and save on several types of insurance in the Buckeye State.

Based on recent figures, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has finalized figures on how much driver spend on coverage, Ohio showed the ninth-lowest auto insurance expenditure of $619; it was far below the nationwide average of $791. This is true unless you are a high risk driver in Ohio.


Ohio high risk drivers just like other states will feel the financial pressures of being tagged as a “High Risk” with rates increasing very quickly.  It pays to shop local, regional and national auto insurance providers if you are in this category.